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The Pennsylvania Early Learning Academy offers in-school support, pre-k, before & after school care and summer enrichment at select sites. 

PELA is an early childhood through middle-school initiative created to support youth and families utilizing structured and accredited educational, social and recreational instruction with a strong emphasis on competent instruction, community involvement and qualified referrals. Our primary objective is to encourage physical and scholastic development, foster self-confidence, individual achievement and to create a love of learning through social competence for young scholars. 


The love of learning prepares students for life-long education, relationship building and appropriate preparation for primary and secondary school instruction. The program introduces comprehensive research driven, time proven tools and interventions necessary to achieve successful program retention, goal achievement and positive measurable outcomes.


PELA’s programs were developed on solid fundamental principles stressing academic independence, physical and character development and primary/secondary school readiness. We address issues of social/emotional development and community investment with a clear focus on improving the quality of life for the entire community within the school’s environment, both internal and external.  

Child Safety


All PELA programs are housed in physically safe environments with site security. PELA administration also conducts annual back ground checks of all staff to ensure your child's welfare. 

Our Staff

Our staff possess credentials per the State regulations. Each staff member was selected for their verified relevant work experience, education and credentials. 

Therapeutic Services


We are a new service provider of OST programs.


Why our programs?

Our programs are staffed by professionals with all necessary clearances and relevant work experience. We provide therapeutic support services in a blended academic enrichment format to deescalate known and new problem areas for students that have poor scholastic performance due to hindered academic comprehension and performance. We also provide for service referrals of psychiatric and behavioral programs as needed. Additionally, we assist in family support services. Our program deescalates dilemmas before they reach administrative levels, truancy violations and scholastic failure. 


What about current In-School Behavioral/Mental supports?

We are a supplemental support to the current services provided within the school(s), (if the school(s) is/are currently receiving such services). Usually, those services are provided with limited staff that are overwhelmed with cases, thus less pro-active and less effective. We are a constant presence within our sites. 

PELA's Mission:


“Helping youth prepare for and develop a love of independent learning by providing therapeutic support services, parent engagement, social/emotional development and academic enrichment.”

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