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Our team is super awesome!

Ms. Catrice!

Thank you for your flexibility and skills added to the Team!

School Aged Team Lead!

Our Pre K and School Aged Team Lead!

Shout Out to Kimiera Seabreeze!

Thanks for showing us your creative abilities in the Pre K classroom and for your flexible availability!

More than the Board Chairman!

Major Shout our to Mr. Bailey for maintaining his commitment to the programs and being hands-on with program execution and management. 

Mega Shout Out to....

Chef Nicki

Shout out to Chef Nicki for building such great relationships with the youth and providing awesome culinary arts experiencs to them all.

Let us not forget...

Syhirah, Trecia, Dashawn, Kayla, and the many others...TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK!

Our Interns!

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